Saturday, September 30, 2006

Fun, Interesting, and Useful BYU Websites

Who knew BYU had such a variety of websites? This lists shows us what's good about the Internet: This site shows important events in the life of the Prophet Joseph Smith on today's date. Visit daily or sign up to have updates emailed to you regularly. This interactive BYU campus map allows you to click on a building to see pictures of it and read about the building's history and current use. The map also shows 360 degree photos—virtual tours—at twelve different locations. This quirky and often funny site permits readers to submit any question, and a team of “small band of omniscient know-it-alls (students)” will respond within 100 hours. Just about anything goes. For example, “What can I do with a pound of powdered sugar?” From the website: “Forever Families provides practical, scholarly and sacred information for strengthening individuals, marriages and families of all faiths, organized around themes of The Family: A Proclamation to the World.” The site offers articles and scholarly reports on many family-related topics. The Missionary Training Center in Provo has its own website. Who knew? Take advantage of the great family history training resources offered here including online lessons from Religion 261: Introduction to Family History. BYU Independent Study offers a long list of free web-based courses from Family History to Music to Religion. This includes REC 76 — Bowling. Online? Like the URL says, this is an LDS Frequently Asked Questions website. It has answers to over 400 LDS related questions. Cool. Download their free OnePage Genealogy program. It can create a single PDF file showing up to 80 generations of family history. If you like any of BYU's bands, then come and listen. This site has many songs from the Cougar Marching Band (including the BYU Fight Song), the Symphonic Band, and the Wind Symphony. Rise and Shout!
If you know of others, please add a comment!


Dustin said...

Should I be jealous that I never got to attend BYU and live the BYU lifestyle? :'

Alex said...

Great list - there are a few on here that I either didn't know about or had forgotten about. I also recommend as a useful site - it has some great lessons about personal finance.