Sunday, November 05, 2006

Emergency Preparedness websites

The following websites provide some good basic emergency preparedness planning for families and individuals:

LDS Church

Provident Living: Food Storage and Emergency Preparedness
- Why Food Storage?
- What to Store
- How to Store
- Using Food Storage
- Gardening
- Emergency Preparation
- Find Resource Materials

Federal Government -- Basic Emergency Preparedness Planning

FEMA: Planning Ahead
- Get informed
- Plan for emergencies
- Assemble a disaster supplies kit

Red Cross: Prepare At Your Home
- Build a Disaster Supplies Kit
- Evacuation Plan
- Shelter in Place
- Emergency Contact Card
- Find out what could happen to you
- Make a plan
- Complete the checklist
- Practice your plan

Department of Homeland Security: Ready America
- Get A Kit
- Make A Plan
- Be Informed

Federal Government -- Additional Emergency Preparedness Planning

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention: Emergency Preparedness & Response

State and Local Government

(This is for Virginia, but other states, counties, and cities will likely have emergency preparedness websites)

Fairfax County: Guide to Emergency Preparedness

Virginia Department of Emergency Management: Prepare & Prevent
- Family Disaster Planning
- Disaster Supply Kits
- Prepare Your Home
- Special Needs
- Animal Safety Plan
- Emergency Alert System

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