Thursday, May 17, 2007

New Google tools and the Church

Google Labs has come out with a few interesting new search functions: Timeline view and Map view. Try these out these searches:

"Book of Mormon" view:timeline

LDS history view:timeline

"Brigham Young University" view:timeline

Mormon history view:map

utah national parks view:map

Some searches work better than others. Try this one:

Moroni view:map

It's clearly still in the experimental stage, but the mapping is still an interesting tool.

Though it's been available for some time, another fun tool is Google Sets. Try entering the following sets, click on Large Set, and see what Google comes up with:

Lehi, Nephi, Moroni
Jacob, Mosiah, Alma

I'm not sure how useful these tools are, but they're fun. That said, if anyone has ideas for how to use these tools in our gospel study, lesson preparation, etc., post a comment!

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