Saturday, June 19, 2010

Poem from Child's Obituary

While do some genealogy research, I found an obituary of a distant relative who died as a child. The obituary contained the following poem. It has no title, and the obituary lists only the author's initials, J. H. S. It was published in the Butler Citizen (Pennsylvania) on 9 August 1889. I did a Google search and found it nowhere else, so I'm posting it here:

Parents grieve not that your treasure,
Is thus taken from you soon;
For you know that God has told you,
That in heaven there is still room.

Room for you and all your children
And for all who trust His love;
So that if on earth we're parted,
We shall meet in heaven above.

Yes, we know our child is better
In the arms of Him we love,
And we hope that we shall meet her
In that blissful home above.

J. H. S.

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